Expedition: Deluxe Edition

Expedition: Deluxe Edition

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This new package includes Expedition, Expedition: The Horror, and Expedition: The Future -- allowing for a complete collection in one convenient box.

We also took your feedback to heart. We added art to all our previous enemy cards, upgraded the card stock quality and designed new custom clips that protect the cards. We also improved the balance on numerous base and Horror cards, and even upgraded the box, which now has space to fit 366 sleeved card! (using standard thin sleeves)
The Deluxe Edition a great starting point if you're new to Expedition and a solid upgrade if you're already a fan.

1-6 players
Ages 10+
20 minute play time

120 Abilities
58 Encounters
45 Clips
42 Loot
18 Adventurers
12 Skills
12 Persona
6 References