NGH Once More Unto the Breach

NGH Once More Unto the Breach

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Never Going Home: Once More Unto the Breach
The War has many battlefields.

Mountains, forests, souls.

What's the matter, soldier?

Did you expect to live forever?

21 Adventures

A complete adventure sourcebook for Never Going Home

Adventures by:

Eric Bloat, Jodie Brandt, Craig Campbell, Corey Capps, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Brandon Daughenbaugh, August Hahn, Justin Isaac, John Kennedy, Michele Lee, Doug Levandowski, Sen-Foong Lim, Alicia Lutes, Crystal Mazur, Jonathan Meadows, Tyler Omichinski, Kodeir Ralford, Ryan Schoon, Josh Sinsapaugh, Robert Turk, Ben Woerner

Requires Never Going Home to play.