Zombie Kidz Evolution

Zombie Kidz Evolution

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The game that evolves play after play
Zombies have overrun your school! Gather all your friends around this cooperative game and work together to develop the best strategy to drive off these horrible creatures!

Zombie Kidz Evolution is an evolving game, the more you play and complete special missions, "achievements", the more the game evolves.

Zombie Kidz Eolution is part of the Little Monsters game collection.

Selling Points:
• First game for children inspired by the 'Legacy' game concept; the simple, base rules become more complex every time you pay. Ideal for bringing parents and children together on a regular basis.
• 13 mysterious envelopes to discover with supplementary game material.
• The original game rules can still be used to play the game, even at the end of the campaign.
• Excellent ratio between cost, and materials and replayability.

• 1 double-sided board
• 1 zombie die
• 4 hero markers
• 8 zombie markers
• 4 lock tokens
• 8 plastic supports
• 13 sealed Evolution envelopes
• 1 rules booklet (including 1 sheet of stickers and 1 Zombie Hunter passport) 2 Players, 3 Players, 4 Players, Best with 3, Children's Game, Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Horror, Legacy Game, Point to Point Movement, Variable Player Powers, Zombies