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Rainbow Cats Eye 7 die Set

Rainbow Cats Eye 7 die Set

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The refraction of light within droplets of water, when viewed at a precise angle, displays one of nature’s most beautiful marvels. The angelic presence of this spectacle could bring joy to even the most stone-hearted warrior, even if just for a moment; reminding them of better days of the past. This Rainbow Cats Eye 7 Piece RPG Glass Dice Set truly harnesses the beauty of the colorful tryst between light and water, allowing you to harness their powers to your benefit. The dice set is made using fiberglass. The resin material is known for its ability to hold any shape and display pigments flawlessly. This allows each dice to display a gorgeous spectrum of the rainbow with unique grain patterns and complementing gold number fillings for a luxurious finish. An unconventional choice, this glass dice set will add color to your campaign.

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