Mr. Jack Pocket Edition

Mr. Jack Pocket Edition

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Mr Jack Pocket is an asymmetrical game of deduction combined to spatial logic, based on the Mr Jack London game system. It is played on a modular board divided into 9 double-sided street tiles, whose positioning is free.

One player is Mr Jack, who is one of the 9 characters depicted on the tiles. The other player is the Investigator, who has 8 turns to unmask him, helped by 3 detectives moving around the board and “looking” at the streets in a row or column.

2 players
Ages 14+
15 minute play time

18 Cards (Character / Alibi)
15 Tokens (Detective / Action / Time)
9 Street tiles
1 Rulebook

Best with 2, Bluffing, Deduction, Modular Board, Murder/Mystery, Strategy