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Everdell: Mistwood

Everdell: Mistwood

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Lurking in the depths of Mistwood, the cunning and villainous Nightweave plots to take over Everdell with the aid of her spiderlings. Pit your wits against Nightweave and her sticky schemes in solo or two-player games, and recruit heroes of yore from the More Legends and Corrin Evertail expansion packs as well as transform your farms with the new Through Every Season expansion pack!

Ages 10+
1-4 players
60 minute play time

1 Rulebook
34 Critter Meeples (Including Butterflies, 6 Pigs, 6 Stoats, 8 Spiders, Each With Matching Frog Ambassador And Rabbit Traveler)
1 Nightweave Meeple
1 Deluxe D12
2 Nightweave/player Boards
2 Season Tokens
14 Web Tokens
23 Critter And Construction Cards
79 Nightweave Cards

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